Planning Board

Planning Board Members: 

  • Chairman: Robin Deloria
  • Jen Fifield
  • Joanne Bush
  • Rose Bush
  • Paul Hai
  • Wester Miga
  • Rick Sage
  • Beth Stalker
  • Jason Richards
  • Mark Miller

Duties and Responsibilities

The Planning Board consists of members appointed by the Supervisor. Planning Board members and the Planning Board Chairman receive no pay for their volunteer services.

The Planning Board works closely with the Code Enforcement Officer to administer the Town Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Board creates the Town Comprehensive Plan, conducts site plan reviews, conducts SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) reviews, works with the Adirondack Park Agency to administer the APA act requirements within the Town. and to help develop land use management plans.

The Planning Board meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Town Hall.


Upcoming Events

WinterFest 2017

SHUCKS! The dogs owner caught a flu bug and was too ill to come. We'll try again next year!!!

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