Zoning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Members:

  • Lorraine Miga
  • Pat Bean
  • David Olbert
  • Matthew Winslow

Purpose of The ZBA

The ZBA has been established to provide for variances of the Zoning and Site Plan Review Local Law 2007 in cases where strict application of the law would result in practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships with the Law's general purpose and objectives.

The ZBA is authorized to grant or deny variances in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth in Article 10. 

In the event that a land use and development permit has been denied by the Code Enforcement Officer, a variance request may be initiated by filing an application, using forms supplied by the Board. Pages 77 through 88 of the Law provide the information on how to apply and the procedures used by the ZBA.


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